Why Photographs are an Important Part of Your Life

“Birth certificates show that you were born. Death certificates show that you died. Photographs show that you really lived!”

This anonymous quote perfectly explains the vital importance of photographs in our life. Even when we are long gone, photographs are there to remind people that we existed and we had a complete life. Even for us, our own pictures are one of the most important things. Photographs show every event and every perfect moment of our lives captured into a frame, allowing us to take a trip down the memory lane whenever we feel like it.

Many people believe that taking pictures makes them miss out on the actual event, therefore reducing the importance of this effort. However, this is not entirely true. When you are a part of an event, you always enjoy it to the maximum when you have your friends and family members beside you. Just being with them and spending fun time with them is a perfect feeling in itself. Just because you are behind the camera won’t make you feel left out, and if it does, you can always hand the camera over to someone else.

Taking pictures however, is always worth the effort. Over time, it is quite natural that the details of a day would diminish from your mind. However, with a single look at a photograph taken on that particular day, you will remember the day itself as well as the entire atmosphere and emotions that were associated with that memory. With a photograph to look at, you won’t forget anything that you want to remember through the years.

Photographs can make you remember the good old times quite vividly, with every detail remaining intact on your memory. There are so many things in life that you can’t reverse and redo regardless of how much you wish that would have been possible. The day you graduated, the day you proposed to your significant other, the first smile of your first-born; these are moments you could never bring back to life again. However, you can revisit them if you have them captured in photographs, remembering all the emotions and joy you felt at that time.

It is not just your memorable time with other people that photographs can preserve. You can also capture the adventures of your life in photos so that you can remember them later. Any beautiful place that you visit or a natural wonder that you come across can be eternally preserved in your camera. If you travel a lot, you can take photographs of every place you visit not just because you like to revisit the memories later but also because they would allow you to share your adventures with your family members more vividly.

It can be rightfully said that your life would be pretty incomplete without photos of you and your loved ones together. So, grab every opportunity you get and start capturing the moments of your life with photographs!