The Right Props for Your Wedding Photo Booth

If you are trying to plan the perfect wedding where you and your guests can have fun, considering setting up a photo booth on your big day is quite inevitable. Not only will it be an unbelievable treat for the guests, but it can also offer a perfect addition to your memorable wedding photographs. However, the most important thing that will attract your guests to the wedding booth is the prop box it has; the crazier the props are, the more fun they will have.

Therefore, when you hire a photo booth, check the props they will be using. Here are the best props every wedding booth should have to be a success.


A wedding photo booth is simply incomplete without frames. Whether they are antique or funny, frames are an ideal prop to have at the booth. From family to friends, everyone will love sharing the frame with the happy couple. So, when you hire a photo booth for your wedding, make sure that it has at least two or three different types of frames.

Feather Boas

Ladies at the wedding party are surely going to love being draped in sensuous looking feather boas; and if they’re willing, the guys can have some fun too! Having feather boas, especially some that match the color scheme of your wedding, can be quite fun.

Huge Glasses

Another absolute must-have prop at your wedding booth is an assortment of different, huge, funny glasses. Whether they are the nerdy type, the shutter ones, or those with popping eyeballs, these glasses are an instant favorite at photo booths. So make sure that your prop box contains different types of glasses before you hire a photo booth for the big day!


Large, evil-looking mustaches are also an essential prop to have at the wedding booth. Starting from Chinese thin and long mustaches to small patches like Charlie Chaplin’s, the sky’s the limit as to which facial hair shapes you’d rather have. So be sure that the booth you are hiring has enough of these mustaches to keep your guests happy. However, go for the ones on a stick rather than those used with adhesive as they are cleaner and more fun!

Top Hats

This is something all the men at your wedding are going to love. Whether the top hats are classically elegant or madly crazy, they are a top favorite prop among men at photo booths. So, when you go to hire a photo booth for your wedding, do check their stock of top hats.

Neon Hats

Bright and funny neon gangster hats with silver studs are also quite fun for weddings. Adding some color to elegant wedding dresses that your guests will be wearing, these hats are quite popular props at weddings. So look out for them in the prop box you will get when you hire a photo booth.

With all these props and many others adorning your wedding photo booth, it will be an instant hit with your guests and it will let them have the time of their lives.