Selecting the Right Photo Booth for Your Event

If you are planning on making your event the talk of the town, a photo booth is definitely what you need to add. They are fun, entertaining, and an interesting event favorite for money. However, you have to select the photo booth hire very carefully in order to ensure that it enhances the feel of your party instead of becoming a hindrance or a disappointment. So, here is a photo booth selection guide for you to get the best value for your money.

Looks Matter, So Give the Appearance of the Booth Your Attention

After spending a huge chunk of your time and money on making your event look perfect, you can’t ruin it all with an odd-looking photo booth. If you have a theme or a specific color for your event, you should always make the booth follow it. So, don’t let the photo booth become an eyesore at your artistically arranged event.

Don’t Forget About its Area and Size

Determining how much space the photo booth is going to take and how many people it can fit is very important. You need to know about the dimensions of the booth so that you can arrange other activities for your event accordingly. Also, you should try to get a booth that can fit in more people, ideally 5 to 10. If your event is on a higher level off the ground, you should also learn about the weight of the booth since mobility can become an unexpected problem for you.

Ask About the Camera and Equipment Used

Ask what type of camera will be used at the photo booth. Many photo booths hire use a simple digital point and shoot camera, which is not that bad. However, you should always go for a DSLR camera since the quality of shots it gives is far better in every way. A DSLR camera gives much sharper and professional-looking images, even in low lights, which is definitely a big plus point. Other equipment like flash and stands should also be checked to see if the photo booth hire has everything that pictures need to look great.

Find out About Printing Options

How the pictures will be printed is another important matter that needs to be considered. First, you should ask about the paper that will be used for printing. Make sure that printing paper isn’t used for the photographs. Also, the printers used matter a lot when it comes to the quality of the pictures. Inkjet printers are not an ideal option when it comes to photo printing, so always go for dye-sublimation printers for lab-quality prints.

Don’t Forget About Customization and Other Options

Ask about the various options that the photo booth hire might be offering you. This includes the provision of props, additional copies of photos, CD copies, scrapbooking options, editing and layout options, and extra trimmings for the booth setup. Having all these options is always a good thing, so make sure that the photo booth you hire is willing to accommodate at least some of these.

Once you have assessed all these features, check up on the booths’ charges and select the booth that matches your budget. With the right photo booth hire, you can surely make your event a big hit!