How to Make Your Wedding Photo Booth a Complete Hit

If you are planning to have a photo booth at your wedding, you just can’t expect it to be an instant hit without making a bit of effort first. Besides, your guests might be too apprehensive to make a move first. So, if you want people to be compelled towards the enticing booth you have so expectantly set up, here is what you need to do.

Make the First Move

If your guests are not making a start towards the photo booth, you can always be the first one. After all, it’s your own wedding. Usually guests keep standing outside the booth, wondering what to do and then move away because they are confused. By going into that wedding booth with your spouse or your wedding party and getting a funny photo clicked, you can charm all your guests to do the same.

Watching you having fun with all those crazy props will get your guests excited in no time. So, if you feel that the picture booth at your wedding is going to waste, take matters into your own hands and make a move.

Guide the Guests

Many of your wedding guests won’t know that you have hired a photo booth or, even if they did, feel comfortable approaching it considering it’s your event. What you need to do is to guide your guests and encourage them to use it since it is placed for their advantage and entertainment. You can start by making an informal mention of it on your wedding invitation, therefore preparing them for the fun they’ll experience at your big day.

You can also invite them during the reception, telling them to make use of the booth to get their stunning pictures clicked professionally. You only need to invite a few of them, and the rest of the guests will surely catch on and start clicking fun pictures of their own.

Hire a Booth with the Best Props

If you want your guests to have endless fun at the wedding booth you’re hiring for your wedding, hire carefully. The fun of a photo booth lies in the props used in the photos, giving them a lively, funny and memorable feel.

The booth you’re placing at your wedding should have some of the best and craziest looking props in them. If it has the right props, the booth will be able to entice your guests in no time without much encouragement from your side.

Arrange for Souvenirs for Guests

If you want to add to the fun your guest are having at the photo booth, turn it into a little souvenir shop for them. You can arrange for them to get a copy of their picture without any charges right away, or you can send them a copy later as a reminder of the memorable day they spent at your wedding. With a memorabilia with them, your guests are not likely to forget your wedding any time soon.

With these tips, you’ll be known for starting a photo booth trend across weddings. So, start planning on adding one today.