Five Events That Are Perfect for Hiring a Photo Booth

Many people can’t decide whether the event they are planning is big or suitable enough to require a photo booth hire. While it is true that you can have it at any event you want, you have to be careful about going overboard with the expenses. If you are having a small party for five or six friends at your house, getting one can put quite a dent on your budget.

However, there are occasions where the presence of a photo booth will be welcomed, and having one at these occasions is definitely a must. So, here are four main events where a photo booth will make a great addition to a memorable day.

Charity Balls

This may seem quite unusual to you, but charity events are perfect event for hiring a photo booth. People who are all dressed up elegantly can get a chance to enjoy themselves and indulge in fun with a photo booth added to the event. Not only does this make the event quite memorable for the guests, but it also gives you the chance to promote the charity event. Besides, seeing people have a fun time at such events will surely send a good message about its organizers.

Corporate Events

While corporate events might seem too formal to have a photo booth at, it is definitely going to be a hit! Whether the guests want to unwind after a grueling session or want to network with others without feeling awkward, photo booths are the right kind of informal addition to the otherwise formal event. With props and costumes, your attendees can take some time out of their busy work schedule to have some fun at the party and to reflect on it later whenever they have a look at these photos.

School Formals

With everyone looking spectacular on their first formal event, school formals are one of the most important events in one’s life and definitely qualifies for having a photo booth. Although there may be photographers covering the event, photo booths are perfect for teenagers as they allow them to have some fun pictures with their friends. Even if they don’t want to get the attention of the photographer, they can still have their awesome photos in a booth. So if you are organizing a prom, make sure there is a photo booth somewhere around the corner.


While the bride and groom are having the most memorable day of their life, the guests might get slightly bored around the time of reception. A perfect way to make the day as memorable for them is to add a photo booth where they can put all their dressing up efforts to good use and get their spectacular, funny and memorable photos clicked. A photo kiosk is definitely needed on your wedding day as even you and your spouse can get a few crazy clicks and make the day more memorable.

These are just some of the events where a booth can be effective. However, use your imagination and you will realize why having one will make any event you plan a major success.