Best Backgrounds to Have at Your Wedding Photo Booth

When you’re selecting a photo booth for your wedding, one of the most important questions that need to be answered is what it should look like. The background of the wedding photo booth plays a vital role in the appearance of your booth and how the photographs turn out in the end. There are a number of creative and beautiful backdrops that can be used in a photo booth, depending on whether you have a particular theme for your wedding or not. The Great news is, with Sweet Memories Events Green Screen Booth, the options are endless!

Here are some background ideas that are easy to achieve and will surely make your wedding pictures stand out.

Flowers and Sunshine

For a wedding photo booth, nothing can be better than a romantic, rosy backdrop full of flowers. You can either get a screen printed with beautiful red flowers to be used as a backdrop or use real flowers to create a wall. In both cases, it will be enough to add a perfect romantic feel to all the pictures.

Sparkling Stars

If you want some hippy, poppy pictures that take you back to the 80’s, sparkling tussles are what you need to add to the photo booth backdrop. These perfect little props can give your wedding photos a vintage look.

Brick Walls

A simple brick wall may not seem very attractive, but they make quite a stellar backdrop for a wedding booth. Plain bricks with uneven cementing bring out a much sharper focus on the people in the photo. To add a bit of zing to the photo, you can always add some props that make a stark contrast against the plain wall.

Chalk Board

Have a chalkboard as a backdrop and adorn it with messages or credentials of the newly married couple. Against the simple chalkboard, the white dress of the bride will make a combination that will make the picture quite beautiful and startling.


Looking for a simpler wedding booth backdrop idea? Simply use the tent of the booth as a backdrop. You can pose playing peek-a-boo or you can hide inside the tent until your spouse comes to find you. along with a camera.

Frames and Polaroid

Polaroid and frames, especially those adorned with the names of bride and groom and the wedding date, are one of the most common elements that can be added to wedding photo booth. While not exactly backdrops, these frames and Polaroid are so catchy that they can go along with any backdrop while keeping the attention on the photographed individuals.


Fabrics in different patterns and colors also make for a perfect backdrop, especially the flowery vintage ones. These colorful fabrics when combined together with vintage looking frames can give your wedding pictures a classic and beautiful look that you will surely love.

Wood and Hay

If you’re planning to have a rustic-looking backdrop, a wooden wall with a few rolls of hay is the perfect element to be added. If you have always dreamed of a Southern-style wedding, this backdrop will match with your expectations.

Themed Backgrounds

If you and your spouse both share a common fandom for a particular book, movie or game, you can always have themed printed backdrops. Some of the most popular themed backdrops include Super Mario, Harry Potter, and Batman.

With all these amazing backdrops for your wedding photo booth, you can make your wedding pictures more memorable and fun!